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Malta got 70 double tax agreements and Malta is a full EU member.

A company in Malta serves as an excellent choice for launching a business within the EU. Malta stands out as a preferred jurisdiction, thanks to its highly advantageous tax regime, including competitive tax rates, participation exemption, tax refunds, and a robust network of over 70 double tax agreements.

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Malta is in the EU

Malta is a full EU member since 1st of May, 2004. This makes Malta an ideal location for you to start your company within the European Union.

70 tax agreements

The government in Malta has actively fostered a favorable environment for foreign investors setting up companies in the country which is why they have noegotiatied over 70 double taxation agreements with other nations.

Lowest EU corporate tax

Malta offers a highly efficient fiscal regime that avoids double taxation on taxed company profits distributed as dividends.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

The Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the most common form of business entity on Malta.

Malta Trading Company

Malta trading companies are onshore business companies that are registered under the Maltese Companies Act.

Malta Holding Company

Malta holding companies can be set up in order to hold shares and securities and business assets in any form

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